3 Ways to Activate Windows 7 On Your Device For Free

By | 24 April 2019

Most people running Windows 7 face the major problem so-called Windows 7 activation. The problem is caused by the users do not have the licensed Windows key for activation. It is because not all people purchase Windows 7 officially. They download the Windows 7 ISO version or save it on the CD/DVD.

When Microsoft stopped receiving updates from Windows 7, it discontinued the program. It means that the company stopped producing the Windows 7 product key. So, it will be difficult for you to get the product keys. All you can find on the website is the licensed product key for Windows 8 or 10. The is no way to get the Windows 7 product keys anymore.

The Windows 7 product key consists of 25 digit character code which is genuinely released by Microsoft and connected with the system files. The keys are also basically the registry files in Windows which allow the Windows functions to work. Since it is very important, how could we activate Windows 7 with or without the licensed product key? Here are the steps.

Activating Windows 7 in Your PC with Product Key

1.Whatever the way, try to get a 25 digit Microsoft product key for activating your Windows version, whether it is Windows 7 Professional, Home Premium, or Ultimate.

2. Open ‘Start’ – ‘Control Panel’ – ‘Windows Activation’

3. Click the ‘Windows Activation’ and you will see a new dialog box.

4. Put on your Windows product key.

5. Click ‘Continue’.

6. Check the internet, make sure it works properly.

7. Wait for a few seconds for allowing the activation completed.

Activating Windows 7 in Your PC without Product Key

Without product keys, you will need the help of activators which are strongly recommended. Those activators are the software which makes some modifications in the Windows registry files. Basically, they are two kinds of Windows activators that you can choose for activating Windows 7 without the product keys.

  1. The Activators with Windows Keys Extraction

The software helps you to activate Windows 7 by extracting the Windows key out and fro the registry file. The activators work by entering the Windows registry files and makes some hits to form the key combination. This activator software basically reads the registry file copy and then makes a guess for the set of Windows 7 keys. It will spend several minutes but it makes the Windows activated efficiently and easily. Mostly, these activators form the correct and accurate guess for the Windows 7 key so you will get the correct Windows 7 key.

  1. The Activators Which Works by Changing the Windows Registry Files

If the first tool is getting the product key by making a guess, the second one is totally hiding the registry file and change them. It hides several times and popping up the genuine Windows activation warming. Actually, the tool doesn’t activate Windows, they just help you stopping and disabling the Windows functions which prompt the users again and again for activation and validation your Windows.

Basically, it works by giving the mirror feeling that you have already run a genuine Windows and have activated the copies. These activators are usually used by the PC sellers in order to fool the customers that they provide the genuine copy of Windows 7.

It is important to activate your Windows 7 today. If you don’t do it, you will get the popups for the Windows 7 validation again and again in hourly, or the control panel gets disabled to be changed, or many premium features won’t work. So, just do those activation tricks and get away from the problem.

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