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Tips to Find the Right Keyboard for Your Need

You have been using a basic keyboard for a while. Now you are wondering whether you should upgrade your keyboard. Shouldn’t a basic keyboard be enough? That depends on your need. After all, a basic keyboard can only meet basic needs. It is not capable enough to meet other needs. In general, keyboards are divided into four types… Read More »

How to Install a Printer on Windows 7 PC

Printer is one of the most important computer hardware components. Printer is used to print documents, pictures, or any kinds of paperwork from the PC to actual paper. This is why printer cannot be neglected. Most computer owners, especially those who work on documents and paperwork daily, have completed their personal computer with a printer. Before you can… Read More »

How to Improve the Performance of Windows 7

There is a saying that there is always room for improvement.  Of course, this applies to Windows 7. You can improve the performance of Windows 7. As a matter of fact, there are many things you can do to improve it. Do you want to know how? If you do, just read on. We will tell you how.… Read More »

How to Dust Your Laptop

Dust may seem negligible, especially if we talk about laptops. After all, shouldn’t it be enough to keep the outside of our laptops clean? Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not enough. Even if you keep the outside of your laptop clean, dust can still enter it. Left untreated, dust can clog the inner parts of the… Read More »

How to Choose Cooling Pad for Laptop

Is your laptop overheating? Overheating is a common issue on a laptop. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve it. One of them is by using a cooling pad. Should you just buy a cooling pad and be done with it? Of course not. If you want the best cooling pad for your laptop, you need to choose… Read More »

Have Heat Issues? Here’s How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

Is your laptop too hot to touch? Overheating is a common problem for laptops. There are many things that can cause overheating to your laptop. There are also many things you can do to keep your laptop cool. Below, we listed some tricks you can do to reduce the heat of your laptop and keep it cool. Let’s… Read More »