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How to Extend the Lifespan of Phone Battery

Replacing a lithium-ion battery on a phone is difficult. The reason is that many device manufacturers deliberately make it hard to access the devices’ battery. This includes both Androids and iOS phones. Since replacing the battery is difficult, it is best to treat the battery properly in the first place. When you treat the battery properly, the lifespan… Read More »

Freeing Up Space on Android Phone

The storage of Android phones can often fill up quickly as you media files like photos, music, and videos, download apps, and cached data. This happens to all kind of Android phones. Yes, even high-end phones. If your Android phone has a small amount of storage, this can be a problem. Now you may be wondering how you… Read More »

Android Phone Buying Guide: Features to Consider

Android phones are attractive, powerful, and easy to use. It is not a surprise they become more and more popular. However, as good as they are, not all android phones are equal. Some android phones are clearly better than others. With so many phone manufacturers these days, there are many android phones to choose for. It can be… Read More »

Things You Can Do to Improve Your Android’s Battery Life

The tasks that smartphones need to perform are more and more demanding. To accommodate the growing needs, smartphones’ screens become larger while its processors become more powerful. Unfortunately, while screens and processors keep improving, the same can’t be said for lithium-ion batteries. There is not much progress for batteries. So, should you just let the battery life drain… Read More »