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How to Change the Default Language on Windows 10 PC

When you first bought your computer, the default language of the PC is most likely to be English. What if you do not speak English fluently or what if you want your computer to use different language? Well, the answer is simple: change the default language. Changing the default language is very simple actually, you can do that… Read More »

How to Restore Deleted Files on Windows 10

Doing a mistake is inevitable. Mistakes, such as accidentally deleting important files we are working with, are quite common. You may wonder whether you can restore those files that you accidentally deleted. Fortunately, deleted files can still be restored. Of course, this does not apply to each and every deleted file. Some files can be restored, some files… Read More »

Windows 10 Start Menu Customization

The Start Menu is very important. How could it not? It is the central hub for just about anything in our PC. Although the Start Menu is crucial for every user, it is often lack in presentation. It often looks standard, bland, and boring. Fortunately, the Start Menu on Windows 10 can be customized. Want to know how… Read More »

Windows 10 Tutorial: How to Set Up and Use Cortana

If you use Windows 10, you probably already know about Cortana. It is a digital assistant designed to help users manage their daily tasks and routine. Naturally, Windows 10 comes with Cortana. Have you used Cortana yet to help you manage your daily tasks and routine? If you haven’t already, you may want to try it. Below, we… Read More »

Easy and Quick Tips to Make Your Windows 10 Faster

Windows 10 is the latest iteration of the Windows operating system created by Microsoft. Yet, the performance of every PC is subject to slow down over time. Yes, including PCs with Windows 10 as their operating system. Fortunately, Windows 10 comes with various built-in features that can help to improve a PC’s performance. Do you feel that the… Read More »