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How to Change Desktop Background and Screensaver on Windows 7

Changing desktop background or wallpaper and also changing the screensaver is probably something quite easy for some people. However, for those who are not too familiar with PC, particularly Windows 7, it will be very hard for them to perform even the simplest tasks, like changing the background or setting the screensaver. Considering that interesting and appealing background,… Read More »

Com100 LiveChat for Windows and the Tutorials

Comm100 LiveChat is a platform which allows you to have customized chat based on your brand guidelines. The chat window also has a consistent look which is easy and smooth to operate. There are some benefits and features that you can have from Com100 LiveChat. The Benefits of Com100 LiveChat Popup/Embedded Chat Window This program has two kinds… Read More »

3 Ways to Activate Windows 7 On Your Device For Free

Most people running Windows 7 face the major problem so-called Windows 7 activation. The problem is caused by the users do not have the licensed Windows key for activation. It is because not all people purchase Windows 7 officially. They download the Windows 7 ISO version or save it on the CD/DVD. When Microsoft stopped receiving updates from… Read More »

How to Connect Windows PC to TV Using Wi-Fi

How to Connect Windows PC to TV Using Wi-Fi Connecting a Windows PC to TV can be done in many ways. The most common method is by using HDMI cable. However, with the sophisticated technology we have today, Wi-Fi becomes the preferred method to connect the PC to TV. There are numerous purposes why people connect their computers… Read More »

How to Add New Fonts on Windows 7 PC

Font is the style of characters used in computers. There are numerous kinds of font that you can find on your PC. These different kinds of font allow you to type and to design something with numerous styles. Standard fonts, that are usually found on computers and becoming default fonts in several purposes, are including Times New Roman,… Read More »