Com100 LiveChat for Windows and the Tutorials

By | 24 April 2019
Com100 LiveChat for Windows and the Tutorials

Comm100 LiveChat is a platform which allows you to have customized chat based on your brand guidelines. The chat window also has a consistent look which is easy and smooth to operate. There are some benefits and features that you can have from Com100 LiveChat.

The Benefits of Com100 LiveChat

  1. Popup/Embedded Chat Window

This program has two kinds of chat windows: popup and embedded. A popup window shows up in separate windows so the users get easier in recognizing the person they chat. Meanwhile, an embedded window appears in the bottom right corner of the computer screen. It aims at easing the users to switch from one page to another one.

  1. Avatar Display

The window displays the agent avatar, company logo or title. Its purpose is to increase the intimacy between the users and improve brand recognition and awareness. Even, you can appear the company banner image in the chat window.

  1. Custom Color Window

You can customize your window with a color scheme you desire. There are pre-defined color schemes or you can pick the color from a chat window to resonate your branding.

  1. Message Style

The style is for defining the way the messages appear between the visitors and agents in the chat window. Select it from the Preferences.

  1. Customized Greeting Messages

You may also create a unique greeting message in the chat window for welcoming the visitors.

  1. Customized Chat Windows with CSS Code and Custom JavaScript

For customizing your chat window, you can use your own CSS code. The features you can customize are the size and position of the window, the color of icons in the chat, the background image of the chat window, and many more. Here is the example of the CSS code for customizing the style:

Next, for JavaScript, it is used for showing knowledge base, ads, or company banner. Also, you can send different messages for multiple visitors depending on their waiting time.

  1. Chatting Options

Provide some tools for visitors to make chatting easy and flow well. See the image below. You need to check the boxes to enable the visitors sending the files, receiving a sound alert for a new response from the agent, receiving a chat transcript by email when the chat ends, switching to the offline message window for waiting for a new chat, and printing the chat transcript after the chat ends.

So, have you got an interest to install Comm100 for your company website? Actually, this platform comes for a desktop app for Windows and Mac, web app such as Google Chrome or Firefox, a mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android. However, this article guides you to install and uninstall Comm100 LiveChat on Windows.

Tutorial for Installing Comm100 Live Chat For Windows

1.Check and make sure that you have at least Windows 7 or later for your operating system.

2. Download the link provided on the official website.

3. Click on the icon Windows 7+ and it will start downloading automatically.

4. Choose the folder you want to save the file.

5. Find the downloaded installation file and double click on it to start the installation.

6. You will see the icon below once you have finished the installation.

7. Launch the application and sign in with your active email and password.

Easy peasy, right? Try it now! The simplest chat on your devices.

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