Find Out What is the Latest Technology in 2019

By | 21 March 2019
what is the latest technology

This article will provide you with information about what is the latest technology in 2019. As you all know, the existence of technology is very important in our life. The technology exists to assist and help us to run our lives. We have to admit that by using technology, our lives become better and easier. We use technology in vehicles, for works, for school assignments, or for daily activities. To put it simply, the simple definition of technology is to make our lives become easier. Now, the latest technology comes from Google. If you are wondering what kind of latest technology they have, keep on reading this article. We will be giving you all of the information related to Google’s latest technology.

Everything You Need to Know about Google Translate App

Why use a dictionary book when you can use Google Translate app in your smartphone? Google Translate is an app which will help users to translate their works in no time. Not only you can translate your works through your laptops or computer, but you can also use Google Translate in your smartphones. So, you do not need to be confused when you are in other countries. You can just take a photo of the word that you do not know the meaning, and Google Translation will do the work. Although sometimes Google Translate cannot translate perfectly, Google Translate app still come in handy in a tight situation. Now, Google has a surprise for iOS users regarding what is the latest technology. Are you ready?

The Latest Technology from Google for iOS Users

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, Google has a surprise for iOS users. Most of the smartphones nowadays have Gboard which is Google’s third-party iOS keyboard. The Gboard in Android Smartphones already supports Google Translate since 2017. However, the feature of Google Translate just starts to support iOS this year. For iOS users, you can access the Google Translate feature by tapping on the Google Translate icon in the suggestion bar or via the Google button. By using this Google Translate, you can translate from all of the languages around the world. It is reported that Google Translate supports 103 languages. You can switch them manually or you can install software to detect the language automatically.

Those are what is the latest technology from Google. As now Google Translate appears on iOS, you do not have to bring a dictionary book around whenever you are traveling. You can just open your phone and tap on the Google Translate app.

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