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By | 14 March 2019
technology news in computers

It seems that 2019 become one of the most exciting and most important years for technology industries in some time. thanks to the upcoming launch of new exciting technologies, including 5G and folding screen as well as the increasing of AI on some devices, private robot, and other areas. There is a clear expectation for this year. Of course, there is also the latest technology news in computers in 2018, but it might be a pretty hard year for some big tech companies. There are also many people who want to shake the old year off and dive to the exciting future first. With that spirit on a mind, then there are some biggest trends and most important in 2019.

Foldable smartphones might outsell 5G phones

On this point, anyone knows that this year become the official debut of two very exciting technologies in a smartphone world. The folding screen and smartphone which been equipped with modern 5G. There are some carriers and vendors have announced those devices, so now this is a right question to ask when and how many. But, not anyone realizes that both of these technologies will not necessary to come hand-in-hand in 2019. We will see the smartphone with 5G and we also see the smartphone with the folding style. However, the challenge will breach those technologies to the mass market show that there are some devices that will be covered by each other. To be clear, most of the smartphones in 2019 do not have 5G modern or foldable screen – the higher price to employ these technologies will limit the impact in this year.

Game streaming become more mainstream

During a year when there is so much attention which placed to the newcomers into the video streaming market. The idea of game streaming is to allow people to play a game across in the wide range of smartphones, PC and other newer devices. Reminds of the huge growth in PC and mobile gaming as well as striking popularity of eSports, then the consumer market was aimed for service which allows the gamer to play their high-quality games which are so popular in different devices and platforms as well. Of course, you can read so many science and technology news. Of course, game streaming is not a new concept, and there are some failed efforts in the past. The challenge is giving the timely and engaging experience inside the cloud-driven connectivity which is often unpredictable. There is some other latest technology news in computers.

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