How to Activate Safe Mode in Windows 7

By | 6 April 2019

Your Windows 7 can’t start up normally. What can you do? One of the ways you can try to fix it by starting it in Safe Mode. Since Safe Mode starts the most important processes, it may allow you to troubleshoot or better yet, fix the issues that you face. Of course, this depends on what kind of issues you are dealing with but it still worth to try. How? Just follow the steps below.

What to Do During the Booting Process

Start by restarting your PC. When you see the splash screen, press the F8 key. Press the F8 key will allow you to enter Advanced Boot Options, which you need to access to activate Safe Mode.

Select the Safe Mode

Next, when you enter the Advanced Boot Options you will see several options you can choose. In case you don’t see the dialog box, restart the computer and press the F8 key again. The opportunity to enter the Advanced Boot Options is short, so be sure to not miss it.

Among the list in the dialog box, you will see three types of Safe Mode. Let’s see each one.

  • Safe Mode

Among the three, Safe Mode is the default option. Usually, Safe Mode is the best option. Safe Mode loads only the minimum processes required in order to start the operating system (in this case, Windows 7).

  • Safe Mode with Networking

This option is similar to the default option. The difference is that this option also loads other processes which allow the networking functions of Windows 7 to work. In other words, this mode allows you to connect to a local network and/or the internet while troubleshooting or fix the issues you are dealing with.

  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt

This mode loads what the Safe Mode loads as well. Unlike Safe Mode, this option does not start Windows Explorer, which is the usual interface. Instead, the Command Prompt is the one that will be started. Because of this difference, Safe Mode with Command Prompt is the best option in case the Safe Mode does not work.

Wait for the Loading Process to Finish

To select which Safe Mode to use, use the right and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Select which mode you want and press Enter. Whichever mode you choose, it will load the necessary files to start Windows 7. You will be able to see the files necessary to start the operating system. Let the process to finish.

Log in

Depending on the issues, you may or may not be able to log in. Assuming that you can log in, log in with any of your account that has administrator privileges.

Troubleshoot or Fix the Issues

After you log in, now you have successfully activated Safe Mode in Windows 7. Do what you must to troubleshoot or fix the issues you are facing. When you are done, restart your PC. Assuming that the issues have been troubleshot or fixed, your Windows 7 should boot as it normally does.

That’s how you activate the Safe Mode in Windows 7. Again, depending on the issues, you may or may not be able to fix it using Safe Mode. Still, you may not know until you try. We hope it helps.

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