How to Add New Fonts on Windows 7 PC

By | 7 April 2019
How to Add New Fonts on Windows 7 PC

Font is the style of characters used in computers. There are numerous kinds of font that you can find on your PC. These different kinds of font allow you to type and to design something with numerous styles. Standard fonts, that are usually found on computers and becoming default fonts in several purposes, are including Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri. However, sometimes new, unique fonts are required when someone needs to create something more creative.

Luckily enough, fonts can be made practically by anyone and can be added to the computer quite easily. If you are using Windows 7 PC and you want to add new fonts to the computer, do not worry about that matter at all because adding fonts on Windows 7 PC is very easy. It is not just Windows 7, though, all series of Windows OS basically have the same way to add in new fonts. Here is the full tutorial for you about how to add new fonts on Windows 7 PC.

Download Fonts

Before you can do anything to the system, make sure you have the fonts ready. Download the fonts that you want to install on the computer. They are widely and freely available on the internet. Once you downloaded the font packs, make sure you take a look at the format. If they are downloaded in ZIP or RAR, unpack them all first.

2. Click the Downloaded Font Folder

Now go to the location of your downloaded font folder. Remember, the folder must be a general folder, not the folder in ZIP and RAR format. It won’t work if the folders are still on those formats. Once the downloaded font folder is clicked, the contents will appear before you. It is generally a preview of what the new fonts are going to look like.

3. Click “Install”

Now take a look at the upper screen of the Font Preview window. There is an option of “Install” with a shield icon next to it. Click that option to start installing the new font. If you want to install multiple fonts at the same time, select all the new fonts on the folders before clicking “Install”.


4. Confirm the Change

After you click “Install”, a security warning box will pop, asking you to whether or not you want to install the file. It gives two options of “Run” and “Cancel”. Click “Run” and the font will be automatically get installed to the system.

5. Use the New Fonts

When the installation is fully completed, the new fonts are usually ready to be used right away. However, if you cannot find the new downloaded fonts on the system, restart the computer first.

Downloading fonts are easy and basically free. But it won’t matter if you have no idea how to add those newly downloaded fonts to the system of your computer. That is why the tutorial above is very essential. Understand them and make sure you know exactly how to properly add the new fonts so that everything will work the way it should.

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