How to Change Desktop Background and Screensaver on Windows 7

By | 13 May 2019
How to Change Desktop Background and Screensaver on Windows 7

Changing desktop background or wallpaper and also changing the screensaver is probably something quite easy for some people. However, for those who are not too familiar with PC, particularly Windows 7, it will be very hard for them to perform even the simplest tasks, like changing the background or setting the screensaver. Considering that interesting and appealing background, and also screensaver, can be a little bit of entertaining when using the PC, it is safe to say that everyone should know how to change desktop background and screensaver on their PC, no matter how expert they are or how limited their knowledge about PC is.

If you are using Windows 7 and you still have no idea how to change the desktop background on your PC, make sure you read the tutorial down below. There are full tutorials for you to read and they are all about changing desktop background on Windows 7 as well as changing (and setting) the screensaver. After reading these tutorials, you will fully understand how to do the trick and your PC will look more appealing with your favorite pictures or wallpaper as its background and wallpaper. Here they are:

Changing Desktop Background on Windows 7

Let’s start by learning how to change the desktop background. Windows 7 is one of the best PC operating systems ever produced by Windows. It is generally simple to use and easy to learn, even for beginners. For those who use Windows 7 on the PC, changing the desktop background can be done right away. To start everything, it just needs one click away on the desktop. Here is the full step-by-step tutorial to change the background or wallpaper on the desktop of your Windows 7 PC.

  1. Click Right and Go to Personalize

Start the process by go to the main desktop. Click right on the mouse or on the touchpad. After you click right, there will be some drop-down options, including the option “Personalize” on the bottom. This option is used to change the appearance of the PC, including the wallpaper. Click that option to enter the personalize options.


  1. Select Desktop Background


There, go to the bottom left corner. Select the option “Desktop Background”. Once clicked, you will be redirected to a window where options of pictures appear on the screen and can be used immediately as the background of the desktop.


  1. Choose the Background / Wallpaper

Now you can choose the pictures you want to use as the desktop background. The picture can be one or multiple, according to your preference. If you want to use the default pictures provided by Windows 7 system, you can give check mark on the desired picture. If you want to use your own pictures, like family photo or anything else, click “browse” on the “picture location” option to fetch the desired picture.


  1. Set the Picture Position

The next step is to set the picture position. The suggested postion for the picture as desktop background is the “fill” option where the picture is going to take up the entire screen on the desktop. However, you can also choose option “tile” (for multiple thumbnail-like picture position) or “center” (for making the picture placed in the middle of the screen surrounded by black border).


  1. Save Changes

The last step is to click “save changes” option on the bottom. After that, check the desktop background and it should be changed already into the picture you select earlier.

Changing Screensaver on Windows 7


After the desktop background or wallpaper is set using the selected default wallpaper pictures or using any desired personal pictures of your collections, now it is time to set and change the screensaver. Screensaver is going to appear when the PC is idle for particular period of time. Using screensaver is beneficial because it is basically fun to watch animation or picture slideshow on the computer screen when it is not in use. To change and set screensaver on Windows 7 PC, here is the tutorial for you to follow:

  1. Open Control Panel

The first thing that you have to do is entering the Control Panel. To open Control Panel, click the start button and Control Panel option should be on the right side. After entering the Control Panel, there will be several sections appear. To make changes on the screensaver go to the “Appearance and Personalization” section.


  1. Find Screensaver Option

Once clicked, find the option “Change Screensaver” under the “Personalization” section. Now it is time to set the time for the screensaver. On the window, enter how long or how many minutes for the idle desktop time to make the screensaver gets activated. After that, select the screensaver types, you can use any pictures you want or using other options like bubbles, ribbons, 3D text, and other options. When you are done, click “Save”.


  1. Preview and Save

The next step is to preview the screensaver. Click the “Preview” button on the right. The screen is going to get cut immediately to preview the screensaver. After you are satisfied with how the screensaver looks, click or tap any button to close the preview. Last but not least, click “Save” on the bottom left to save all changes. After the changes are saved, try to wait a couple of minutes or wait the amount of time for the screensaver to appear. If the screensaver appears automatically just in time like you set earlier, it means that the process is successfully done.

Now that you know how easy it is to change desktop background and change the screensaver, you can basically entertain yourself by putting on fun, memorable pictures on the PC, whether it is as desktop background or as screensaver. If you use Windows PC of other OS edition, such as Windows 8 or 10, the desktop background and screensaver can be changed and personalize, too. However, the method is not quite the same as the one explained above. Try to start by going to the control panel on the PC and find the “appearance” option.

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