How to Change the Default Computer Font and Its Size on Windows 7 PC

By | 13 May 2019
How to Change the Default Computer Font and Its Size on Windows 7 PC

For most people, they do not have any problems with the default font and size of their Windows 7 computer. However, for those who do not like staring on the screen with small fonts and texts on it, they would like to change the font and size of the computer. Is it possible to change the font and size in a PC? Of course it is. All you need to do is just following some steps and the default font and size of the computer can be changed immediately.

Considering that Windows 7 is the version of Windows that is claimed to be the most flexible, you can actually change the font and text size of the PC with ease. In fact, you do not even need professional help to do it at all. The method to change both the default font and default text size is very easy to find and to proceed. If you want to change the default font and its size, too, you have come to the right place because down below there are the complete tutorials for you to make the changes effortlessly. Follow these steps precisely and you will end up using the PC delightfully because the PC font and the size are all according to your preferences.

Changing the Computer Font

Let’s start by changing the computer font. The font of the computer can be changed into whatever font you desire. As long as you have the font installed properly on the PC, you can use it for the default computer font. To be able to change the font, you need to access the Personalize option. This option is generally accessible for everyone, unless the PC is highly protected or you do not have the permit to change any settings on the PC. Here is the full tutorial on how to change the default computer font with ease.

  1. Go to Personalize

The first thing to do in this procedure is to go to Personalize. To access Personalize option, simply go to the main desktop. Find an empty space there and click right on the mouse. A drop down menu is going to appear and go to the lowest part of the menu that says “Personalize”. Click the option.


  1. Select a Theme

Once you are in Personalize, there will be several options including Themes. The Themes are shown in square, colored icons on this section. To change the default font, click a theme. You can click a random one or just can click the option “My Themes” located on the top of this window.


  1. Go to “Item:” Box

When a theme is clicked, check out the bottom of the page. There is this option called “Advanced appearance settings..” and click that option. After that, you will get redirected to a widow box contains several options including “Item:”. Usually, this box says “Desktop”. Click the box to open a drop-down menu.


  1. Select the Item and the Font

Change the item and the font to customize your PC. The sections of the PC that you can change the font are including Icon, Menu, Message Box, Active Title Bar, and many more. Once an item is clicked, underneath it there will be a drop-down menu of font choices with the size on its right side. Customize it as much as you like.


  1. Click “OK”

Now that everything is done and you have changed the default font of the PC into whatever font you want, simply click “OK” on the Windows. The changes will be saved immediately and the default font will be changed as well. Restart the computer to make sure all changes are stored properly.


Changing the Text Size

Generally, the text size of Windows 7 PC is the medium one. You can enlarge the font size to large or shrink it into small size. For those who want to change the font size, however, follow these tutorials precisely. It will guide to to easy change the font size. Here is the tutorial for you to change the PC font:

  1. Go to Personalize

It is the same as the method to change the default font, you need to go to Personalize to start changing the text size. Personalize is the section on the PC where everything related to the computer appearance is displayed. Click right on the desktop to find the option on the bottom of the drop-down menu.


  1. Select “Display”

On the Personalize section, locate the option “Display” on the left side of the windows. Once clicked, you will be brought to a window with several options of the font size, including Smaller, Medium, and Larger.


  1. Choose the Desired Text Size

Click the desired text size. Most people have already found out that the medium size a.k.a the default size is indeed the most suitable size. It fits with the screen completely and make it easy on the eyes.


  1. Click “Apply”

Click apply button on the bottom left of the screen. It will apply the changes you have made to the computer. However, this action won’t take effect immediately. You still need to log off and log back on the computer again.


  1. Select “Log Off Now”

To make sure that all changes are stored properly, you need to log off the computer. Click the option “Log off now” and the computer will log out immediately. If you want to, you can also restart the computer. Turn the PC off and wait a couple of minutes before turning it back on again.

Now that the default font and the size have been altered according to your preference, you can use the PC with more enjoyment. Even though there is no limitation on how many times you can change the font or the size, make sure you do not do the changes too frequently. It is because altering with the default setting over and over will have bad impacts on the computer performance. Make sure you just do the changes whenever you really need to.

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