How to Change the Default Language on Windows 10 PC

By | 7 April 2019

When you first bought your computer, the default language of the PC is most likely to be English. What if you do not speak English fluently or what if you want your computer to use different language? Well, the answer is simple: change the default language. Changing the default language is very simple actually, you can do that in just a few minutes on the process.

By using the language you fully understand, operating the computer is surely going to be easier. In general, Windows computer covers almost all language, with English being the default. If you use Windows 10, which is one of the most recent Windows OS, changing the language can be done with even easier. Here is the tutorial or step-by-step guide to give you the direction on how to change the default language on Windows 10.

1. Go to “Windows Settings”

The first thing that you have to do to change the default language is going to “Windows Settings”. It has the icon of a gear and can be found easily on the main menu of your PC. Once you find it, click the icon and several different options will appear.


2. Click “Time & Language”

On the right side of the lists of options, there is one option called “Time & Language”. This is the icon to choose if you want to properly change the language of your computer. Click this option and you will be directed to some drop options, including “Region & Language”. Drag your cursor to that option.


3. Click “Add Language”

Once you to the step above, you will see a box with “Add Language” in it. Click the box to add other languages beside of the default one. Type your desired language on the search box and select the desired language once you find it. This option usually contains all available languages around the world. However, if your desired language is not there, probably you need to download a language pack first and install it to the system using control panel.


4. Set the Selected Language to Default

After the desired and selected language is found and clicked, there will be a dialog box showing you three options: Set as Defaults, Options, and Remove. Click “Set as Defaults” to change the language of the computer entirely. Click “Options” to change the settings of the new language. However, this step is probably not necessary.


5. Restart the Computer


Now it is time to restart the computer. Turn off the computer properly just like usual and turn it back on again after several minutes. After you turn the computer back on, the language of the computer should be changed from English or other previous language to the new language you just pick for your computer.

After you have completed the process above, your computer’s language is going to be the one you prefer, whether it is English or other languages. Follow those tutorial carefully and precisely to make sure the language of the PC can be changed properly. The language of your computer will be changed immediately before you know it.

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