How to Choose Cooling Pad for Laptop

By | 9 April 2019
How to Choose Cooling Pad for Laptop

Is your laptop overheating? Overheating is a common issue on a laptop. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve it. One of them is by using a cooling pad. Should you just buy a cooling pad and be done with it? Of course not. If you want the best cooling pad for your laptop, you need to choose it carefully. We will tell you how shortly.

With or Without Fans

There are cooling pads that have fans and there are that don’t. Which one is best for you? The answer depends. If you need to keep your laptop cool and don’t mind if it is a bit noisy, your best option is to go with a cooling pad with fans. Cooling pads with fans, also known as ‘active’ cooling pads, work by forcing cool air to enter the laptop. The number of fans a cooling pad has varied from 1 to 6.

On the other hand, if you want a cooling pad that works quietly, go for a cooling pad without fan, also known as ‘passive’ cooling pads. Rather than increasing airflow into the laptop, these cooling pads work by absorbing the heat from the laptop. A cooling pad without fans helps to solve overheating issues although it may not be as effective as one with fans.

Things to Look for

The main function of a cooling pad is to keep the laptop cool. However, there are other features that you should consider before buying one. Here are some things you should look for in a cooling pad.

  • Size

Size matters. If you want to get a cooling pad for your laptop, be sure that has at least the same size as your laptop. This is to ensure that the cooling pad can support the laptop. If you have to choose between a fit and a larger cooling pad, the larger one is almost always the better option.

  • Level of Comfort

There is no point getting a cooling pad if it is not comfortable enough to work with. So, before you buy a cooling pad, make sure that it is comfortable enough for you to use it, be it on a desk, your lap, or a bed.

  • Price

Price is another important factor. If you are on a budget, your best option is to go for a plastic cooling pad. Plastic cooling pads are cheaper compared to metal cooling pads. What you need to keep in mind is that plastic cooling pads are not as durable as metal cooling pads.

  • Portability

In general, laptops are portable. If you carry your laptop everywhere every day, you should look for a light and portable cooling pad. Don’t worry. There are many portable cooling pads on the market. You will find a cooling pad that fits your need and is portable.

  • Fans

The number of fans varies from 1 to 6. The more fans a cooling pad has, the more effective it is in cooling the laptop. However, the more fans it has, the noisier it gets. Choose a cooling pad that is effective but not too noisy enough for your laptop.

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