How to Enable “Games for Windows LIVE” Games on the Modern Version of Windows 10

By | 24 April 2019

The old PC games someone doesn’t support the Games for Windows Live (GFWL) platform although they work fine on Windows 10. As a result, they give you a constant error while you’re gaming. You can remove GFWL from the entire games and play game properly. Just because many games have left GFWL, it makes you be able to install a patch that abandon GFWL or redeem a non-GFWL copy. The examples are Grand Theft Auto IV or Fallout 3 games. Both games are promoted on Steam sales regularly, therefore, the users will still stumble onto GFWL for next years.

There are some ways to allow GFWL games on your Windows 10 PC. First, cracking the GFWL out of the game. Second, getting a non-GFWL copy of the game. Third, updating your GFWL client software. You can find the further information clearly below.

1. Cracking the GFWL out of the game

The popular games usually have third-party tools which can crack the games effectively for Windows Live out of the game. However, the tools are not for cheating or piracy in multiplayer, they only disable the address to multiplayer if the game contains multiplayer. They are also needed to remove the hassle of GFWL and the modifications are available for some popular games. The examples of the game are here:

– Grand Theft Auto IV: The XLiveLess modification removes GFWL from the game and save the games function properly. It disables multiplayer mode.

– Fallout 3: the Games for Windows Live Disabler which comes from Nexus Mods disables GFWL. The FOSE modding tool of the game also disables the GFWL.

You may need some file extractor such as 7-Zip to extract the downloads. So, find the instructions for installing the file extractor.

2. Getting a Non-GFWL copy

Many games have migrated away from Windows PC gaming to Steam. It means that you can also convert the old GFWL copy to a modern one. The newest will work the same as before. Here are the games which you can redeem on Steam if you have a retail key or code provided by GFWL:

– Bioshock 2

– Batman: Arkham Asylum

– Resident Evil 5

– Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

– Batman: Arkham City

– DiRT 3

– Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

– Dead Rising 2

– Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Just redeem the code of the above games on Steam. This is how  do it:

– Install Steam and launch it.

– Click on the “Games” menu.

– Choose “Activate a Product On Steam”.

– Input the games product key to be redeemed.

3. Updating Your GFWL Client Software

If your GFWL game is stuck and requires the updated version of Windows, while you don’t have another alternative or crack, your solution is updating your GFWL client software. The troubleshoot can work in spite of the Windows 10 assertion which isn’t compatible for GFWL. However, the GFWL games require their installers. So, when you install a game on a modern version of Windows, it will fail to work and give you indication the problem or even the game won’t launch properly.

To overcome this, download the most updated version of Games for Windows LIVE from Microsoft official web and install it. Once it’s installed, the GFWL games will launch and function properly.

See? Those are the good solutions to start. They remove the issues and enable you to play GFWL games on modern Windows version.

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