How to Find Windows 7 Product Keys and Their Simple Activation Methods in 2019

By | 24 April 2019
How to Find Windows 7 Product Keys and Their Simple Activation Methods in 2019

So far, Windows 7 has been widely used by the Windows lovers. They find and download the official link from Microsoft genuine website. Therefore, they need a genuine Windows Serial Key to activate the system. Here, you will find the guides to get the product keys for all versions of Windows 7 and also the simple activation method for Windows 7 with our without the product keys.

1. How to Get A Product Key

In fact, if you buy Windows 7 from the official website, you will get the activation key through the email you use for Microsoft account. While if you buy the Windows 7 from an authorized dealer, you will get the product key inside the CD or DVD box. However, if you cannot find the product key, you can also get it online through these steps:

– Get and download a free product key finder at the official website.

– Click the download button and save the exe file on your desktop device.

– Go to the desktop and double click the install file.

– Follow on-screen instructions to get the process completed.

– Click “I do not accept” when the finder asks you to install games or other programs. This technique is for preventing the unwanted bloatware on your device.

– Finally, launch the product key finder and you will see the program scanning your PC to find the related product key. It will display all programs at your PC and your Windows 7 version.

– Click on “Windows 7” and you will get your product key under the “CD Key” label on the right side.

2. How to Activate Windows 7 with a Product Key

Actually, activating Windows 7 using a serial product key is simple. All you need is a genuine one and follow the steps below:

– Click on “Start”

– Type “Activate Windows” in the search box.

– Click the “Activate Windows” from the results of click the notification which shows on the task bar.

– Put in the Windows 7 product key and click on “Validate”.

– After a few minutes, the installation process will be completed depending on the internet connection.

If someone has used the product key you entered, there will be a message saying you have used the number of activations for it. Then, you will be and to get another different product key and click on “Retry”.

3. How to Activate Windows 7 Without Using a Product Key

– Remove the SLUI file.

Open C:// drive (where your Windows 7 is) > Find System-32 file and double click > Find SLUI file in File Manager > Delete the Windows 7 key in the file > Right click on the file and choose ‘Properties’ > Click on the Security tab in the new window and choose ‘users’ > Click on ‘Advanced’ to launch SLUI Advanced security settings > Click ‘Owner’ tab and choose owner as user then click ‘Apply’  > Return to the SLUI file folder > Right click on it and choose ‘Properties’ > hit Security tab – users – hit ‘Edit’ > Edit the permissions for the system owner at the next window > Click username and tick the box next to Full control > Click OK > Click SLUI and hit the ‘Delete’ button.

– Using CMD (command)

The command used here is: slmgr -rearm. Type it in CMD, restart your device, type again slmgr – ato and click ‘Enter’. Soon, you will get a message that your Windows 7 is activated successfully.

Finally, hope this article will help for your Windows 7. Good luck!

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