How to Make Windows 8 Run Faster

By | 12 April 2019
How to Make Windows 8 Run Faster

Are you using Windows 8? If you are, you probably realized that Windows 8 is quicker, looks better, and consumes less memory than the previous versions of Windows. And just like any other versions of Windows, there are things you can do to Windows 8 to make it even faster. Want to know how to do that? Just read on.

Disable Animations

When you maximize, minimize, open or close an application window, you will see its animation. It is a nice feature to have, isn’t it? However, although this animation surely is an eye-candy, it slows down the performance of the PC/laptop a bit. Fortunately, it can be disabled.

To disable this feature here’s what you need to do

  • Hit the Windows key button. Then, type in “SystemPerformanceProperties” in the search bar. Press Enter
  • A setting dialog box will be displayed. You will see a list of visual effects features
  • Check and uncheck the visual effects features that you want

If you want to make your Windows 8 run faster, try to minimize the number of activated visual effects features

Disable Programs that Take up a Lot of Resources

As you install more and more programs on your PC/laptop, the performance of your PC/laptop will slow down. So if you want to make it faster, you need to disable programs that take up a lot of resources, especially those that you rarely use.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Place your cursor on the desktop taskbar. Right-click, and click Task Manager
  • In case the full interface is not displayed, click More details option
  • You will see a list of apps and background process that are currently running. The programs and background processes that take a lot of resources will be highlighted. Disable one that you don’t think you need

Disable Startup Programs

How long does it take for your PC/laptop to boot? If it takes a while, it may be due to lots of startup programs being activated during the booting process. In that case, you can make your Windows 8 run faster by disabling startup programs.

Here’s how to disable startup programs:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click the Startup tab
  • You will see a list of programs. You can see the status of a program (enabled or disabled), as well as how it impacts the startup process
  • Enable only programs that you think necessary and disable the rest

Clean Up the Disk

The more data you have, the slower the performance of your PC/laptop will be. More often than not, we have lots of files that are not important without us realizing. Not only that, uninstalled programs and deleted files may also take up space, too. Cleaning these unnecessary data should improve the performance of Windows 8.

To clean up the disk, follow these steps:

  • Open My Computer
  • Right-click any drive. Let’s say you want to clean the C drive. In this case, right-click the C drive. A dialog box will appear
  • Find Disk Cleanup option and click it
  • The cleanup process may take a while. The larger the number of files that need to be cleaned up, the longer the process will be. After the scanning process is finished, click OK to delete the files

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