How to Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10 PC

By | 11 April 2019
How to Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10 PC

Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows PC. It is the oldest, most legendary browser that everyone will find every time they buy a new Windows PC, including Windows 10. However, this browser is well-known to be very standard and quite slow. That is why Internet Explorer is sometimes neglected and getting replaced by faster, more reliable, third-party browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and even Opera.

Even though Internet Explorer has never been used before on the computer, it will still be there. If you want to free up some space and sacrificing Internet Explorer, you need to have some efforts removing it. It will takes a few steps because generally speaking the browser is the default browser on Windows PC, even on Windows 10 (the most recent version), and removing a default app will not be easy. Follow these steps below to try removing the browser so that you won’t have to see it on the PC anymore.

1. Open Control Panel

The first thing that you have to do is going to control panel. On Windows 10, this option is available on the menu. On Windows 7, control panel can be found right away, too, after clicking the Windows icon on the bottom left.


2. Go to “Program”

Once you are on control panel, go to the option “Program”. After clicking “Program”, there will be two options appear on the screen “Program and Features” and “Default Programs”. Pay attention on the “Program and Features” one.


3. Turn off Windows Features


On the “Program and Features”, there is “Turn Windows features on and off” sentence with a shield icon before it. Click the icon. You will be redirected to pop-up window with check box. Find the check box that has “Internet Explorer 11” on it.


4. Uncheck Internet Explorer

Now that you have found the “Internet Explorer 11” check box, notice that the box is checked. It means that the program is installed on the computer. To uninstall the program, unchecked the box. After that there will be a prompted option confirming you that you are about to uninstall Internet Explorer. Click “Yes” on this option.


5. Restart the Computer

Now the Internet Explorer has been removed. However, you still need to make sure that the removal of the browser is fully completed. To finish that, try to restart the computer. Click “restart” option on the main menu or do it manually by turning off the computer, leave it for 10 to 20 minutes, and then turn the computer back on. Once it is back on, try to locate the Internet Explorer. If the icon of the browser is gone, it should indicate that the removal is done properly.

Now that you have removed the Internet Explorer, you can browse using something faster and better. Also, you have freed up some space and later eligible to use it for something more useful. Even though the default browser is taken for granted, it still has decent ability, though. Only, if it is compared to other browsers, it may come last.

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