How to Restore Deleted Files on Windows 10

By | 31 March 2019

Doing a mistake is inevitable. Mistakes, such as accidentally deleting important files we are working with, are quite common. You may wonder whether you can restore those files that you accidentally deleted.

Fortunately, deleted files can still be restored. Of course, this does not apply to each and every deleted file. Some files can be restored, some files can’t. Here, we will give a quick guide on how to restore your deleted files on Windows 10. Try and see if your files can be restored.

Stop Using Your PC or the Media Storage

Due to their digital nature, deleted files are not really deleted until the spaces they occupy are overwritten. To prevent overwriting them, the first thing you need to do is to stop using your PC or the media storage where the deleted files are saved before.

If you use your PC or the media storage, new data will be created and might be stored in the spaces previously occupied by the deleted files. This will either corrupt the deleted files or destroying them entirely, which means you can’t restore them.

Restoring Deleted Files from Recycle Bin


If you deleted your files and haven’t cleaned the Recycle Bin yet, you should check the Recycle Bin folder.

  • To access the Recycle Bin folder, click Desktop
  • After you click Desktop, you will see several icons and folders, including Recycle Bin. Click it
  • Inside the Recycle Bin folder, there will be deleted files or folders
  • Find the one (file or folder) that you want to restore. Right-click and choose Restore. This will restore the deleted file. You can find the file in its original location
  • If you want to restore the file and change its location, choose Cut and Paste it in the location you want

Using Back Up

What if you deleted the files from Recycle Bin? Deleting files from Recycle Bin can remove them permanently. In that case, can you recover them? The answer is yes, you still can recover them. That is, assuming that you back up your files frequently. So, if you have a backup file which contains the files that you deleted permanently, there is a chance that you can recover them.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Find the folder where you saved the deleted files. Open it and take note of the path to it
  • Click the Windows icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the search bar and type File History
  • Open File History
  • Remember the path that we told you to take note previously? Find it inside File History
  • Click the Previous button. You will see the files from the latest backup inside the folder. Choose the file that you want to restore and click Restore

Another Way to Restore Deleted Files


If you can’t restore your deleted files using the above methods, there is still another way to restore them. How? By using third-party software. Depending on the files’ condition, you may or may not be able to restore them. If you decided to use third-party software, be sure that the software is safe to use and does not compromise your privacy and PC security.


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