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By | 22 March 2019
information technology news today

Who does not need information technology news today? Everybody loves to read the news. You can read the news in the newspaper or on your smartphone. Now, we are going to talk about the internet. Everyone needs the internet. In fact, the internet is one of the most important things in our life right now. We use the internet to work, to do daily activities or to do some school assignments. Now, everyone does know about the router or modem, right? But, do you know the difference between them? If you want to know how they explain the work of your home internet, keep on reading this article. We will give you all of the information related to the router and modem.

Things You Need to Know about Modem

What do you know about Modem aside from it is for running your home internet? A modem is your ticket to the World Wide Web. The modem’s form is a thin box with LED icons on the front side to tell you whether the internet is connected or not. Usually, most of the modems used cable or satellite to transmit data. There are actually two kinds of modems which built for different connections. If your internet service provider uses cable or fiber internet, then you will need to plug the cable into the back of the modem. Meanwhile, if you use a digital subscriber line, you will need to plug in your phone line.

Things You Need to Know about Router

The next information news technology today is talking about the router. If you want to connect the internet to all of the gadgets in your home, then you will need a router. The router is a small flat box with two antennas sticking out from it. The router will hook up to your modem via an Ethernet cable. After connecting to devices, the router will route the modem’s networking traffic either through the Ethernet wires or wirelessly through Wi-Fi. For your information, the antennas are for the Wi-Fi. The router will also work to route data sent from your gadgets back to the web.

Knowing this kind of thing is very important when you want to improve and learn about your home internet. Besides, the simple definition of technology is to help your life to be better. So, do not miss this information news technology today so you can will have a better home internet connection.

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