Is Your Android Phone Slow? Try These Tricks to Speed It Up

By | 2 March 2019
Try These Tricks to Speed It Up

Having a slow smartphone is not fun. In fact, it can be frustrating especially if your smartphone is a high-end one. If high-end smartphones can be slow, mid-range and low-end smartphones are even more likely to be slowed down over time. There is no need to worry, though. Below we have tricks that may be able to speed up your smartphone.


Start with Your Home Screen

Take a look at your home screen. Do you use live wallpaper for it? If so, try using a static image instead. Take a look at your widget and icons as well. Are all of them important? If possible, try to clean away those unused widgets and icons from your home screen. The less cluttered the home screen, the better your phone performance will be.

Clean Up the Cached App Data

Check your cached app data. If you aren’t regularly checking it and removing them, your phone may slow down as the data build up over time. Cached app data can eat up a lot of storage. Not only that, but it is also possible that your cached data may contain the apps that you already removed. So, clean up the cached app data on your phone.

You can clean up the cached app data individually and as a whole. To clean a whole cached data, just go to your Setting, choose Storage, and tap Cached data and choose OK. To clean up cached data individually, just go to Setting, choose Apps and tap on the Apps you want to clean.

Disable and Uninstall Unused Apps

Do you have lots of apps on your phone? If so, consider disabling and/or removing some of them. Having too many apps slows down your phone. So, check your apps and disable or uninstall those that you never use. You should also check your Apps from Setting to see if there are any apps that keep running on the background. If you don’t use it, you may want to disable or uninstall it.

Updating Your Phone Software and Apps

Is your phone software up to date? The latest version of phone software usually comes with general improvements and bug fixes. As such, it may improve the speed of your phone.

Usually, software updates come over-the-air, in which you will be prompted to download and install it. You may want to check your phone software now, just to be sure. To check, go to Settings, choose About device and tap on Software update to check if there are any updates.

This rule applies to apps as well. That is, their latest version comes with general improvements and bug fixes. To check if there are any updates for your apps, go to the Play Store and tap My Apps. From there you will be able to see the latest version of your apps if there is any.

Factory Reset

Last but not least, the factory reset. It is a drastic measure. Factory reset is a shortcut to clean your phone and at the same time, remove any junk that has been accumulated in your phone. Some people recommend a periodical factory reset to keep the device in its top condition. If you want to factory reset your phone, just be sure to create and backup first.

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