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By | 17 March 2019
best tech news sites

You are in luck because there are some best tech news sites that show you with the most favorite tech-related sites that you can read. Of course, this list will be barely stretch the surface as there are many sources out there waiting for you to dig in. But, the list before can be the best place to start. You are able to bookmark these sites and is ready to fill up your brain with the science and technology news that you need to face the world which ever-changing and having a better digital world.


Mashable is not only dedicated to technology news. This site also covers other interesting topics such as culture, entertainment, science, business and so on. But, the tech part is very worth to look and offers you with the content rolling in – means that you always become the one who always knows about the recent happening in the tech field in this planet.

Digital Trends

This site will offer you all sorts of information. But, the standout part of this site was talking about the product reviews come from smartphones to the cameras and others. Their sections including the technology news in different categories. This website also prides themselves on being more approachable and welcoming as well – means that this is a good source for the tech experts.


This is the famous player in the technology industry and it offers you with all kinds of startup and technology-related news, of course. Including of the announcement for the startup fundings. This site also often hosts many tech events in different parts of the world.

Term Sheet

It was run and managed by Fortune, this site will provide you with the daily breakdown related to the things such as fundraising, venture capital deals, IPOs and other announcements in this industry. If you are interesting more in the business and finance side. This site will be your next addiction.

The Next Web

You have heard about The Next Web site. Initially, the founder launches the sites as the way to promote the technology events that they host. From there, the website is quickly growing into the what exists today – this is a gub for all kind of tech news, deals, even for the market intelligence platform. Here some best tech news sites that you can read to start with. There is other information that can be your best reference as well.

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