Making It Personal: How to Personalize Windows 8.1

By | 12 April 2019
Making It Personal: How to Personalize Windows 8.1

Compared to previous versions of Windows, Windows 8.1 looks snappy and more fluid. Even the default looks of Windows 8.1 is appealing. Yet, working with a personalized operating system is always nice.  Now the question is, can it be more personalized? Thankfully, yes. Below we will show you how to personalize Windows 8.1

Background and Colors

Let’s start with the background and color first. There are two styles you can apply for backgrounds in Windows 8.1, animated and static. Animated backgrounds move as you scroll, while static backgrounds do not.

As for colors, there are many colors you can choose. The fact that you can change the style of the background and the colors means that there are virtually limitless combinations you can create. Thus, allowing you to have a more personalize Windows.

To personalize the background and color, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings pane by pressing Windows key + I
  2. Click Personalize
  3. You will see three parts: background images, background color, and accent color
  4. Choose whichever images, background color, and accent color you want for your desktop.


  • In the backgrounds images section, you can choose the background image that you want for your desktop. Some of these images are animated, while some are static
  • The background color section allows you to modify as the background of the Start screen and other locations
  • The accent color section allows you to modify the accent colors used on the Start screen and other locations


Other important parts of the Start menu screen are the tiles. Just like the background and colors, the tiles can also be personalized. You can pin, unpin, resize, and organize the tiles on your start screen to your liking.

  • Pinning and Unpinning

To pin a tile, right-click any area on the Start screen (on the background, not tiles). Find the All apps button at the bottom and click it. Next, you will see a list of apps that you installed. Choose any tile you want to pin and right-click it. Select Pin to Start option

To unpin a tile, just select and click a tile that you want to unpin. You will see Unpin from Start option. Click it to unpin the tile. Don’t worry, doing this will not uninstall the app. It just removes the app from the Start screen.

  • Resizing

Some tiles can be resized. To resize these tiles, just click the tile and you will see the resizing option. The resizing option that appears will depend on the current size of the tile. Let’s say that the tile is large. In this case, ‘Smaller’ option will appear. Likewise, if the tile is small, ‘Larger’ option will appear. Choose whichever size you want.

  • Organizing

Organizing tiles into groups is easy. Here’s what you need to do

  1. Choose any tile you want. Drag and drop the tile to any spot you want
  2. Do the same with other tiles you want to put in the same group as the first tile. For example, if you want to put the second tile in the same group as the first tile, drop it near the first tile

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