Tips to Find the Right Keyboard for Your Need

You have been using a basic keyboard for a while. Now you are wondering whether you should upgrade your keyboard. Shouldn’t a basic keyboard be enough? That depends on your need. After all, a basic keyboard can only meet basic needs. It is not capable enough to meet other needs. In general, keyboards are divided into four types… Read More »

Making It Personal: How to Personalize Windows 8.1

Compared to previous versions of Windows, Windows 8.1 looks snappy and more fluid. Even the default looks of Windows 8.1 is appealing. Yet, working with a personalized operating system is always nice.  Now the question is, can it be more personalized? Thankfully, yes. Below we will show you how to personalize Windows 8.1 Background and Colors Let’s start… Read More »

How to Make Windows 8 Run Faster

Are you using Windows 8? If you are, you probably realized that Windows 8 is quicker, looks better, and consumes less memory than the previous versions of Windows. And just like any other versions of Windows, there are things you can do to Windows 8 to make it even faster. Want to know how to do that? Just… Read More »

How to Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10 PC

Internet Explorer is the default browser on Windows PC. It is the oldest, most legendary browser that everyone will find every time they buy a new Windows PC, including Windows 10. However, this browser is well-known to be very standard and quite slow. That is why Internet Explorer is sometimes neglected and getting replaced by faster, more reliable,… Read More »

How to Install a Printer on Windows 7 PC

Printer is one of the most important computer hardware components. Printer is used to print documents, pictures, or any kinds of paperwork from the PC to actual paper. This is why printer cannot be neglected. Most computer owners, especially those who work on documents and paperwork daily, have completed their personal computer with a printer. Before you can… Read More »