Here Some Exciting Technologies 2019

It seems that 2019 become one of the most exciting and most important years for technology industries in some time. thanks to the upcoming launch of new exciting technologies, including 5G and folding screen as well as the increasing of AI on some devices, private robot, and other areas. There is a clear expectation for this year. Of… Read More »

Top Business Technology Current Events You Must Visit

One of the purposes of reading science and technology news is to know the latest business technology current events. Indeed, there are several interesting business technology events you must see. Some of them are explained below and those events will broaden your knowledge about the latest science and technology for business. Mobile World Congress Mobile World Congress was… Read More »

What Does Technology Mean and Its Applications in Real Life

Before reading about science and technology news it is important to understand the basic things. Let say, you need to understand what does technology mean. Moreover, you also need to learn about its applications in real life. About Technology Technology is a technique or skill which can be used to produce goods and services. Technology is also useful… Read More »

Revolutionary New Technology in World

It is very interesting learning from the latest science and technology news. By learning from it, you know the new technology in the world. Some of them will be explained below. Then, you can choose one of the technologies which are considered as the best one. Artificial Intelligence or AI The use of Artificial Intelligence or AI technology… Read More »

How to Extend the Lifespan of Phone Battery

Replacing a lithium-ion battery on a phone is difficult. The reason is that many device manufacturers deliberately make it hard to access the devices’ battery. This includes both Androids and iOS phones. Since replacing the battery is difficult, it is best to treat the battery properly in the first place. When you treat the battery properly, the lifespan… Read More »

Freeing Up Space on Android Phone

The storage of Android phones can often fill up quickly as you media files like photos, music, and videos, download apps, and cached data. This happens to all kind of Android phones. Yes, even high-end phones. If your Android phone has a small amount of storage, this can be a problem. Now you may be wondering how you… Read More »