Recent Articles on Technology

By | 26 March 2019
recent articles on technology

We all know that searching for recent articles on technology is easy with the help of the internet. You can find tons of technology news online. However, in this article, you will be given the newest or the latest technology news. This article will give you recent technology news which includes new innovations in technology. Everyone in this whole world needs technology. The technology exists to help people to run their life. Business, medical, economy, school, even daily activities need technology. Now, we are going to discuss the recent technology in your smartphone and Google. If you want to know what is the recent news from Google for your smartphone, keep on reading this article.

Gmail Inbox App

We all know that Google has so many apps to help us in working through our smartphones. The search engine, email, health app, maps, and many more. This time, the recent articles on technology come from the Gmail Inbox app. Gmail Inbox app is first announced in 2014 as an invitation-only service. Gmail Inbox app offers a more interactive and intelligent way for you to access your emails away from Gmail app. Gmail Inbox app also has great features such as automatically sifting through messages, email snoozing, smart replies, and the all-white design. However, it is currently reported that Google will be closing down the Gmail Inbox app soon.

The Closing Time of Gmail Inbox App

Some users have reported that they have been seeing a pop-up screen which says that the app will close in 15 days which on April 2nd, 2019. The pop-up seen by the users includes a link to switch to the regular Gmail app. Google assures its users that all of their messages will be save and wait for them in the regular Gmail app. It is also currently reported that it is not only Gmail Inbox app which will be closing down. Along with Gmail Inbox app, Google+ will also close down on April 2nd, 2019 because there are two major bugs which are detected in the service. Video call service Allo and URL shortener will also be closing down soon.

Those are the recent articles on technology today. It is a shame we will not be able to enjoy all of the great features from Gmail Inbox app. However, we can still enjoy Gmail app from Google although the feature will not be the same as the Gmail Inbox app.

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