Recent Computer Technology News Articles

By | 22 March 2019
computer technology news articles

This article provides you some recent computer technology news articles. If you are a computer addict or a tech maniac person, you may not want to lose the recent news in computer technology. Computers and laptops have become part of people’s life nowadays. It is important to know the recent and the latest news of computer technology so you will know how it affects your business, your education, your life, and so on. Besides, the simple definition of technology is to make your life become easier. Below is mentioned some computer technology news you have to read.

Microsoft will stop support for Windows 7

One of Microsoft marketing executives said that at the beginning of April 2019, the Windows 7 users will receive a ‘courtesy reminder’ in their Windows 7 PC. The marketing executive also expects the Windows 7 Users to have ‘a handful of times’ between April and December 2019. It is because Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. The Windows 7 ‘courtesy reminder’ appears eight months earlier compared to the reminder of Windows XP. The reminder of Windows XP appears only a month before the Windows XP’s expiration. The earlier notification may be due to a large number of Windows 7 users. By posting the reminder earlier, Microsoft hopes that it will reduce the fraction of Windows 7 system before the support ends.

Mozilla New File-Sharing Service

This is the latest computer technology news articles. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are storage, sharing, and syncing services you may have familiar with. Those sharing services need to integrate with the device’s operating system. However, Mozilla launchers a free-in file sharing service which does not integrate with the device’s operating system called Firefox Send. Though the name says Firefox, Firefox Send does not require Firefox browser. It can be any web-browser, but also works with Firefox. Firefox Send is a website where anyone can upload their files and then share the link. The unique thing is that the uploader can set the download cap and the download link expiration. Once the download cap or the link expired, the file can be no longer downloaded, and Mozilla can delete the file from the server. The file which can be uploaded is a 1GB maximum for non-account holders while 2.5GB for the account holders. It is a free-charge website which means anyone can use it without paying some money.

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