Revolutionary New Technology in World

By | 10 March 2019
new technology in the world

It is very interesting learning from the latest science and technology news. By learning from it, you know the new technology in the world. Some of them will be explained below. Then, you can choose one of the technologies which are considered as the best one.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence or AI technology becomes the hottest issue. There are some pros and cons related to this technology. Some people said that technology is a threat to human because their role will be changed with a smart machine. Some others said that Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary technology because it makes a variety of products smarter than before. Just imagine that a car can move without a driver or a computer which can set up its tool automatically without the help from the users or owners.

5G Technology

People are still amazed by 4G technology. It seems by using this technology, gadget users are able to enjoy fast internet connectivity. The good news is that there will be the latest version which is known as 5G technology. This technology will be a new technology in the world and applied by some popular mobile phone brands. The brands are trying to be the first which apply 5G connectivity in their mobile phone. 5G connectivity is designed super fast than the previous version.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is also known as supercomputing. Just imagine that if you have a smart computer at home. The strength of this technology is on its power and the features offered. Quantum computing will be supported by a cloud service. IBM is the first brand which applied could services or quantum computing services.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also revolutionary new technology in the world. In the earlier development, AR and VR were used for gaming in which gamers feel the game just like real. Gamers are using an AR or VR google and it seems that they are entering a new world, a virtual world. In the next development, this technology is also used for industry, especially to support the performance of the workers.

So, which one of the latest technologies above is the best one? It sounds great that in the future you can use advanced technology which can help you. At the same time, it seems that the new technology in the world above might be replaced the role of human due to its ability and great features.

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