Some Business Technology Current Events

By | 26 March 2019
business technology current events

For your information, you can find many business technology current events using the internet. You can also find many business technology news either online or offline. However, this article will give you more than that. Instead of randomly give you business technology news, we will be giving you the latest business technology news which includes new innovations in technology. Everybody knows that technologies are very important and we need technologies to survive. The technology exists to help us so that we can have an easy life. You will find that technology can be found in many areas. For example, businesses, medical, economy, school, work, and even daily activities. Now, we are talking about IoT technology in business. If you are wondering what IoT technology does in business, keep on reading this article.

IoT Technology for Business

It is reported that IoT is now vital for the succession of the business. The role of IoT in business will become business technology current events. As the world becomes smarter and more connected, IoT technology becomes the key to succession. IoT or the Internet of Things found that technology has the key role in digital transformation efforts for a majority of companies. From 1,758 businesses all around the world, it is reported that around 34 percent of businesses use IoT technology and 83 percent of businesses are saying that they are expanding their deployment based encouraging initial results. Almost 95 percent of businesses are saying that they can see the benefit of using IoT and around 72 percent of businesses are saying that their digital transformation will be impossible without IoT technology. Meanwhile, around 8 percent of businesses are saying that their business fully depends on technology.

The Disruption of IoT Technology

Although IoT technology is reported to be the key role in the succession of business, many respondents are saying that IoT technology has caused or set to cause a major disruption in their industry. Around 60 percent of businesses agree that IoT technology has disrupted their industry or IoT will do so in about five years from now. The IoT platforms make the technology easier to deploy for businesses of all sizes and some will improve their services and potential. The CEO of IoT said that companies need to consider how they implement IoT and in order to see or realize the strongest benefit, they must fully committed to technology.

Those are the latest business technology current events this week.

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