Some Latest Information Technology News

By | 21 March 2019
latest information technology news

This article provides several latest information technology news for you. Technology has grown and developed rapidly in recent years. From USB flash drive, touchscreen technology, to electronic commerce. Technology has become an important part of our lives. As a result, technology changes and affects how people interact with others. Technology also affects people doing their business. Though human beings invented, developed, and created technology for their sake, they cannot run from the impact of the things they have created. Below we provide some latest technology along with their impacts.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning received the most attention in recent years. Some big technology companies are focusing on improving and advancing those two technologies. You may have been familiar with artificial intelligence by seeing Jarvis from Iron Man movies. AI and Machine learning are basically the same but it is a bit different. Machine learning analyzes and learns from the information they have taken or given. By analyzing the data, the machine can avoid any error and mistake which human may do. On the contrary, AI also has machine learning capability, but with the addition of intelligence. To put it simply, AI can make the best decision based on the data and information it has. The more information and the data, the more effective the decision will be. Driverless cars, AI chatbot, AI bot in DoTA game shows how prominent AI is. The impact of using AI in many fields is the increasing number of unemployed. Human surely makes mistakes, it is not surprising news if they are placed with AI.

Foldable Smartphone

Who have thought that phones will have no keypad? The development of touchscreen technology surely is a fascinating thing people have thought. Not only for smartphones, but TVs, computers, and laptops are also using touchscreen technology. Touchscreen technology is a simple definition of technology. However, it seems touchscreen technology in smartphones has not satisfied its users. Therefore, foldable smartphones are being developed. Some say that the smartphone will become more compact and more portable if they can be folded. Some latest information technology news says that some big tech companies have been working on a foldable smartphone and are about to announce it. The impact of the foldable smartphone is that it changes the way people interact with others. The more fascinating their phones are, the less they interact face-on-face with others.

Those are the latest information technology news which is a trend nowadays.

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