Some Recent Innovations in Technology

By | 21 March 2019
Some Recent Innovations in Technology

There are so many recent innovations in technology recently. It seems like technology has been developed rapidly, and we can see a new innovation or invention of technology nearly every day.

Technology has changed the way business is done and the way people interact with each other. Technology also offers helps for people to try new things and to reach the goals they have never done. Below are mentioned some recent innovations in technology which bring humanity to a better life.

The Cloud Storage System

Thanks to the invention of the cloud storage system, we are able to no longer store files in hard drives. The cloud storage system allows us to store any files in the ‘cloud’, in other words, online.

The rapid development of technology makes the storage system needs to be larger. Instead of increasing the memory stick, the cloud system is invented. By storing your files online, you can use it without carrying the hard drives such as USB flash drive, SD Card, or an external hard disk. You can download your files which has been uploaded in the cloud anywhere and anytime.

In addition, many companies and businesses store their data and information in the cloud. Doing this, they are able to concentrate on business execution.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the recent innovations in technology. Apple introduces its AI mobile apps, called Siri, and Google introduces theirs called Google Assistants. With this AI, a mobile experience can be more intelligent and flexible.

Artificial Intelligence also has transformed the user experience in using their smartphone. The AI can anticipate the users’ desire need, track their daily habit, and help them to arrange several things. AI has also proven itself to be useful. There was news said that Siri helps save a man’s life.

The man was stuck in his car after having an automobile accident and was unable to reach his phone. He asked Siri to call 911 for help. AI is a simple definition of technology: to help a human’s life.


Chatbots help many companies in doing the time-consuming work in terms of making the customer experience more convenient. Chatbots help the companies to collect the data and information for further insight.

The information is important in order to improve the service the companies give. Though it is not recognizable by most of the people, chatbots are still considered as one of the recent innovations in technology.

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