Technology in Business Articles

By | 26 March 2019
technology in business articles

Searching for some technology in business articles can be done in anywhere you want. You can find many technology business news either online or offline. However, if you want to look for the latest or the newest business technology news, then this article is your answer. In this article, we will be giving you the latest business technology news which includes new innovations in technology. It is not a surprising thing to know that technology is very important in nowadays’ life. All of the people around the world need technology to run their life. The technology can be in a business area, medical area, economy area, schools, works, college, or even daily activities. To put it simply, the technology exists so that we can live an easy life. If you want to know the latest business technology, then keep on reading this article.

Driverless Technology

We live in an era where there are many companies which develops driverless technologies for cars, buses, or other vehicles. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Drunk drivers, blind spots, sleepy drivers, are the common trigger for road accidents. That is why many companies try to develop driverless technology mainly to prevent any accident. The UK will do a trial for their full-sized bus with driverless technology. For sure, this will be the latest technology in business articles. The one who conducts the trial is one of the UK’s biggest transport firms.

The UK’s Full-Sized Bus with Driverless Technology

It is currently reported that this driverless bus will use autonomous functions to move around a depot in Manchester, UK. The system of this driverless technology uses many sensors such as radar, optical cameras, and ultrasound. All of these sensors will plan the path for the bus and prevent the bus from bumping to objects by detecting and avoiding them. This new driverless technology will become a new hope which can bring many future benefits during passenger journeys. This driverless technology can give a warning when there is a cyclist or pedestrian in a blind spot. The rule in this is that a driver should remain on board all the time during the trial. Other regulations are still being updated by the UK. If this system is working, in five years, the UK will use this driverless system in five autonomous buses to transport passengers.

Those are the latest technology in business articles this week. It is quite exciting to see whether this driverless technology is working or not, right?

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