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By | 25 March 2019
technology news in English

Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can find technology news in English as many as you can. However, this article will be giving you the latest or the newest technology news in English for you.

The technology news includes new innovations in technology which will help many people. We all know that we live in a world where technology is growing rapidly. The scientists always want to develop or innovate new technology to help humanities.

This time, we will be talking about technology and health. If you want to know what kind of new technology in the medical world, keep on reading this article.

Technology for the Medical World

It is not a surprising thing to see that there are many people who suffer from anxiety, trauma, or addiction. Apparently, scientists have found a way to help people who suffer from all of those using anesthesia.

Therefore, today’s technology news in English will discuss the anesthesia for those who suffer from harmful memories. Scientists said that the anesthesia will prevent harmful memories to come back to their mind. This will be a huge step for the medical world as there are so many depressed people end up in suicidal.

Anesthesia for Healing

First, the researcher and scientist gather around 50 participants unpleasant slideshows about child kidnapping and a car accident. One week after that, the scientist reactivates the memory to the participant and ask basic questions. Then, right after that, all of the participants are given anesthetic propofol and then they undergo endoscopies which only take a few minutes.

Lastly, the scientist test all of the participants whether they remember both of the stories or not. Half of the participants or 25 people are being asked right after they wake up and the other half of the participants are being asked one day later. The result, for the first group who are being asked right after they wake up, they remember both of the stories. Meanwhile, for the second group who are being asked one day later, they do not remember all of the stories given by the scientist. The conclusion is that the combination of reactivation, anesthetic, and time are able to hold the memory to come back.

Those are today’s technology news in English for you. It will be great if the anesthesia can help those who suffer from bad memories so they will live in peace.

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