The Latest Developments in Technology

By | 21 March 2019
latest developments in technology

There are always the latest developments in technology around us. Admit it, we all need technology in our life. We need technology to run our lives. Be it about work, school, daily activities, we need technology so that they can run smoothly. After all, the simple definition of technology is to make our life easier. Now, technology can be many things including games. Who does not like playing games? Even elders love to play some games on their smartphone. If you are wondering what is the latest development in technology in 2019, keep on reading this article. We will be discussing Snapchat opening a gaming platform.

Things You Need to Know about Snapchat

Everyone sure knows about Snapchat, right? Snapchat is a part of Snap Inc which provides its users with a short message and funny filters features. However, since Instagram make its appearance, Snapchat has been struggling to come back to life. Most of the people now, especially teenagers are moving onto Instagram to post their lives and stories. Not only that, but celebrities are also beginning to move to Instagram to do endorsements and business. No wonder if Snapchat then begins to struggle because it has to compete with Instagram. Wanting to beat Instagram, Snapchat decides to redesign their app last year. Unfortunately, instead of winning, the redesigned app became controversial and alienate some of the users and advertisements. However, it is reported that Snap Inc will announce its gaming platform for developers as their latest developments in technology.

The Latest Technology Development from Snapchat

It is reported that Snap Inc will plan to announce their gaming platform next month. Snap Inc named the gaming platform as “Project Cognac”. This platform will feature tons of games from outside developers to work specifically in the Snapchat app. The gaming platform will be announced and unveiled in Snap’s summit for contents developers partner in Los Angeles on 4th April 2019. It is also reported that Snap Inc has begun to work their gaming platform in June 2018. It is unclear why at that moment, Snap Inc refuse to give their comment. Instead, Snap Inc decide to announce their new development on next month.

Those are the latest developments in technology from Snapchat. We will have to wait next month to see the gaming platform from Snapchat. Will Snapchat rise to the top again? Or will Snapchat will fail? No one will know.

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