The Latest Innovations in Technology

By | 18 March 2019
latest innovation in technology

The latest innovation in technology will be established by Apple this time. We all know that we live in a modern world where technology means everything to us. The simple definition of technology is to make our life becomes easier. We use technology for school, for assignments, for presentation, for work, for marketing, and et cetera. It is no wonder then if there are some companies who are competing to innovate new technology from time to time. Although the technology in our world is now being dominated by smartphones, it is not impossible for companies to innovate new technology. If you want to know the latest innovation in technology, keep on reading this article. We will be giving you information about the latest technology from Apple.

Apple AR Glasses

Are you familiar with Google Glass? Apparently, Apple will create an AR Glasses which will become a rival to Google Glass. After Apple creates wireless headset, Apple will innovate another cool latest innovation in technology with hope to beat Apple’s rival, Google. Apple already have a patent approved in 2016 for the glasses. However, Apple will start the full production of the AR Glasses from the fourth quarter of 2019 through the early of 2020. Then, Apple will make the AR Glasses go public next year.

About Apple AR Glasses

Now, we are going to talk more about the AR Glasses from Apple. For your information, this AR Glasses from Apple will be completely dependent on the iPhone to work just like other Apple devices. In fact, Apple AR Glasses and the headset will not have their own internet connection or GPS tracking system. The iPhone will do all the work and heavy liftings such as rendering and computing. Knowing this, some say that the concept of the AR Glasses will look similar to the concept render from Marti Hajek for iDrop News. This AR Glasses from Apple will be light and stylish without needing technologies.

This is the latest news from Apple. For those who want to buy this cool glasses from Apple, you can buy it in the year 2020 which mean next year. However, because the glasses do not yet produce, we will not know about the battery life of this AR Glasses until we meet the real one. Nevertheless, as Apple always create cool gadgets and other technologies, you may hope that this AR Glasses will be the best latest innovation in technology from Apple.

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