The Latest Technologies in IT Field

By | 24 March 2019
latest technologies in IT field

Are you looking for the latest technologies in IT field? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Although you can find so many latest technologies both online and offline, this article will provide you with the latest update including new innovations in technology. Now, we are going to talk about health and video game. If you are curious about what is the relation between health and video game, keep on reading this article. We will be giving you all of the information which is related to what can video game do to save stroke patients. Let’s get started!

Video Game for Healing

Most of the people think that a video game is a kind of game for entertainment only. Most of the people also play a video game just to kill their boredom. However, did you know that video game can actually heal some diseases? This is going to be the latest technology in IT field which comes from the video game and health area. It is already has proven that video games are useful to help patients with symptoms of PTSD and train the doctor to do better at their job.

Video Game for Stroke Patients

There is new research which develops a retro-styled arcade designed specifically for the stroke patient. The game has been tested to 30 volunteers and shows a great result. The game video can be effective at promoting muscle control and increase the mobility for those who suffered from reduced mobility for many years. The scientist has developed a myoelectric computer interface which connects with the video game. This requires the player to move a cursor on a specific point on the screen.

For stroke patients who have decreased mobility in their arms, they suffer from a loss of control over their arm muscle. When they try to move their arms, the muscle in the limb will fight and lead to a condition called co-activation or co-constriction. However, after completing one session with the video game, it is shown that stroke patients have increased mobility in their retrained limb. There are even some stroke patients who have increased arm mobility after one month.

Those are the latest technology in IT field for stroke patients. A single training session takes about one hour and it will give a huge benefit for the patient. This way, the video game can be used as rehabilitation for the stroke patient.

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