The Recent Technology in Computer

By | 23 March 2019
recent technology in computer

This article will give you information about the recent technology in computer. As we all know, we are living in a world where technology becomes one of the most important things in our life. Technology helps us in almost everything. Technology can help us with our works, reports, school assignments, sports, medical, even technology can help us in doing our daily activities. No wonder then if there are many companies who are racing to establish or innovate new innovations in technology from time to time. They do so because there are many people who are also demanding more modern and sophisticated technologies every day. Therefore, if you are a fan of computer and want to know the newest technology in computer especially laptop, keep on reading this article.

What is New from HP?

All of you must have familiar with HP. HP company is known as the company who provides people with a wide variety of hardware components as well as software. There are quite many things which are produced by HP. For example, there are HP Laptops, HP Printers, HP Desktops, HP Monitors, HP Supplies, and HP Spectre Laptop. For now, the recent technology in computer comes from HP Laptops Envy. It is already known that the Envy line of laptops from HP is the second-best laptop which is budget-friendly because it offers you slightly lesser specs. It is reported that HP is making or updating new establishments to their Envy line of laptops with new processors. The first one is the webcam privacy switch and the second one is the built-in support for Alexa.

HP Envy Line of Laptop

In 2019, HP will introduce four Envy models. The first one is the Envy 13 x360, the second one is the Envy 15 x360, the third one is the Envy 13 Laptop, and the last one is the Envy 17 Laptop. Only the first and second model who can be flipped as a tablet. All of the models will support Alexa which will come in handy for those who are already filled their home with Echo devices. Last but not least, the next establishment is the webcam privacy switch which is located on the side of the laptop and it will disconnect the webcam from the machine. This can be a great help and every laptop should have it.

Those are the recent technology in computer this year. All of the Envy models will launch in April and you can start to buy in May.

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