Things to Know about Technology

By | 15 March 2019
what is the definition of technology

We all know that technology becomes more important than ever, which is deeply affecting society, culture, and politic. Given all of the time we just spend with our smartphones, gadgets, and apps, this is also important to understand the principles which decide how technologies will affect our lives. If you wonder about what is the definition of technology, then check them below.

So, what is technology?

When you think about “technology”, then the first thing that comes on your mind is something like the sci-fi show or something that should be generated with electricity. Technology will make us think about many complex things, but energy should not have to be complex at all. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for the apps or practice purposes, whether in the industry or in our life.

So, basically, anytime we use scientific knowledge in order to reach specific purposes, then we use technology. But, it is slightly more than that. Usually, the technology relates so,e [iece of equipment, but that equipment can be so simple or complex. You should know that it can be anything come from the discovery of the wheel, computers, MP3 players and so on. There is some science and technology news that can be used as a reference to know more about technology as well.

Here things to know:

The technology was not completely neutral

One of the most important thing that anyone should know about the services and apps that they use the values from the technology creators which been deeply embedded into every button, glowing icon and link that we usually see. There are so many options which been made by software creators related to design, business model or technical architecture that have deeper impacts on security, privacy and even the civil rights as the users. When software push people to take the square photos instead of rectangular or to place the microphone in the living room or it can reachable by our boss anytime, then it would change our behavior or change our life as well.

Technology cannot be avoid

The popular culture will bring consumer technology as the never-ending upward progress which makes anything better for anyone on this planet. In fact, the new technology products usually involved the series of sacrifice where the increase in some fields such as design or usability. Sometimes, the new technology is better for one community while make it worse for others. In this point, you will get a better understanding of what is the definition of technology.

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