Things You Can Do to Improve Your Android’s Battery Life

By | 1 March 2019
Things You Can Do to Improve Your Android’s Battery Life

The tasks that smartphones need to perform are more and more demanding. To accommodate the growing needs, smartphones’ screens become larger while its processors become more powerful.

Unfortunately, while screens and processors keep improving, the same can’t be said for lithium-ion batteries. There is not much progress for batteries. So, should you just let the battery life drain quickly? Of course not. There are things you can do to improve your Android’s battery life.

Limited Use of GPS Function

Turning off the GPS function entirely is one of the best ways to improve battery life. This is, however, impractical in most situations. You need GPS, especially if you travel often. Instead of turning off your GPS, use it in a more practical way to preserve the battery life.

How do you do it? First, revoke the location permission that you may have granted to some apps on your phone. Some apps ask for location permission but not all of them require permission all the time. By revoking the permission, you will block those apps from using the GPS to determine your location while the apps are running on the background.

The second thing to do is to use Device Only location mode. This mode is available on Android Oreo as well as several earlier versions of Android. In this mode, the coordinate of your phone is determined only via GPS information.

Use Dark Theme

Do you use a phone with an OLED screen? If the answer is yes, you can try to use a dark theme for your phone to preserve the battery life. OLED screens are capable of turning individual pixels off. As a result, deep black backgrounds consume less power than bright ones. If you have a phone with an OLED screen, use that feature to your advantage.

Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi

If you are using Android Oreo, you may notice that your phone is constantly searching for open Wi-Fi networks. This innate feature is still running even when you have disabled it. To turn automatic Wi-Fi, go to Settings, choose Network and Internet, and tap on Wi-Fi. You should find Turn on Wi-Fi option on the Wi-Fi preferences.

Background Restriction

Some apps keep running even after you stop using them. Fortunately, there are of app-specific battery tools available. With these apps, you are able to restrict apps that run in the background after you stop using them. Just go to Settings, choose Apps and Notifications, choose the apps, tap Advanced, tap Battery, and choose the Background restriction option.

Monitor Your Apps

Yes, try to monitor your apps regularly. When an app is not working as it is supposed to, it can drain the battery life significantly.  There are many causes of this, such as a bug in the apps or an aggressive background feature from the apps.

To see how your apps are behaving, go to Settings, tap Battery, then Menu, and choose Battery Usage. Here you will be able to see how your apps drain the battery. See if there are any apps that unusually drain the battery life.

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