Tips to Find the Right Keyboard for Your Need

By | 12 April 2019
Tips to Find the Right Keyboard for Your Need

You have been using a basic keyboard for a while. Now you are wondering whether you should upgrade your keyboard. Shouldn’t a basic keyboard be enough? That depends on your need. After all, a basic keyboard can only meet basic needs. It is not capable enough to meet other needs.

In general, keyboards are divided into four types based on the users’ needs: keyboards for office workers, media users, gamers and travelers. As you might have expected, each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will give you a brief explanation for each type to help you find the right keyboard for your need.

Office Works

Do you spend hours working with a keyboard for your office works? If you do, an ergonomic keyboard will be your best option. An ergonomic keyboard is a keyboard designed to provide comfort for a long period of use.

The key here is the comfort. Although there are some keyboards that claim they are ergonomic, they may not be able to provide comfort for users. Also, comfortability is different from one user to another. So, to find the right ergonomic keyboard, you need to try them and see for yourself whether a keyboard is comfortable enough for you to work with for hours.

Media Use

If you are a media user, you will need a keyboard that has media-key features, such as play button, pause button, track skipping, and volume-control knob. A keyboard with media-key features will certainly make it easier for you to do all your media-related works.

In case you work with a TV, you can opt for a wireless keyboard with media-key features. This will be very convenient as you don’t have to connect a wire each time you use it. Not to mention you can do what you want from your comfortable couch, too.


Now, for gamers. Sure, a basic keyboard can be used for gaming. However, it is not as effective or comfortable as a gaming keyboard. After all, gaming keyboards are specifically made for gaming purposes.

Gaming keyboards have features such as changeable number pads, backlighting, programmable keys, and integrated LCDs which will improve your gaming experience. Keep in mind that these features are mostly useless for non-gamer users. So, buy a gaming keyboard only if you want to use it for gaming. Otherwise, go for other types.


Lastly, keyboards for traveling. Keyboards for office works are designed to be comfortable. Keyboards for media use have media-key features. Keyboards for gaming have lots of features to enhance the gaming experience. What about keyboards for traveling? Keyboards for traveling are designed to be portable. In other words, you can carry them easily when you travel.

Traveling keyboards are lightweight. Some of them can even be folded, which make them even more portable. The main point of traveling keyboards is that it can be used to work just about anywhere and anytime.

Since portability is the main focus of traveling keyboards, they may not have the same features as standard keyboards. For instance, the number pad on the right is usually not included and there may not be as many media keys as well.

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