Top Business Technology Current Events You Must Visit

By | 14 March 2019
business technology current events

One of the purposes of reading science and technology news is to know the latest business technology current events. Indeed, there are several interesting business technology events you must see. Some of them are explained below and those events will broaden your knowledge about the latest science and technology for business.

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress was held on February 25 2019 to February 28 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. This congress is the largest mobile exhibition. This is a perfect exhibition for those who love mobile technology and mobile industry owners. This is your great opportunity to meet device manufacturers, vendors, providers, mobile operators, and many more. The most important is that it is the place where all the people involved in the mobile industry around the world gathered.

Fintech Week

One of a worth it to visit business technology current events is FinTech Week. This great event will be held in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The exhibition will be started from March 4 2019 to March 6, 2019. The most interesting topic of this exhibition is about cryptocurrency, the blockchain, virtual token, and many more. You are about to hear the opinion from the great influencers and innovators.

Global InsurTech Submit

This event is designed for insurance companies. By visiting this exhibition, people are able to know the correlation between technology and insurance. Moreover, they can learn the role of technology to support the insurance industry. This is a great exhibition because there will be 100 attendees and hundreds of peers. Plus, there are 16 InsurTech Companies and they will share their experience about how to use technology to support their insurance company. The exhibition will be held on March 5 2019 in London, UK.

Blockchain Technology World

Blockchain technology becomes the latest virtual technology. This technology helps people to use virtual money and their properties easily and safely. In this exhibition, there will be more than 70 enterprise blockchain experts. They will discuss the use and any issues related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They also try to show the real solution and services for the users. The exhibition will be held on March 12 2019 to March 13 2019 in London, UK.

Indeed, there are cool business technology current events this year. You have to prepare your time to visit the best event. Those events will broaden your knowledge not only about business but also about the latest technology which supports your business. This is also the chance to meet great people around the world who concern on business and technology.

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