What Does Technology Mean and Its Applications in Real Life

By | 10 March 2019
what does technology mean

Before reading about science and technology news it is important to understand the basic things. Let say, you need to understand what does technology mean. Moreover, you also need to learn about its applications in real life.

About Technology

Technology is a technique or skill which can be used to produce goods and services. Technology is also useful to support a specific achievement such as a scientific investigation or research. In the form of industry, it is also often used or correlate with the use of a machine. By using a specific technology, people can run an industry well to fill supply and demand.

About Science

It is also an important thing to understand science after you get the point of what does technology mean. Just like technology, science is also achieved by observation, experiment, and research. From the research, scientists find new knowledge. The new knowledge is useful to the new invention or  other things.

The correlation Between Science and Technology

So, what is the correlation between science and technology? It is stated that science is found by research, experiment, and observation. The achievement is to find new knowledge. The new knowledge can be used by anyone including engineers to find a new technology. For example, scientists found the flow of electron in electrical conductors. Then, engineers use this new knowledge to create new technology such as semiconductors and even computers. The point is that science can’t be separated from technology. Because both of them are found from research and experiment, whether science or technology will be developed significantly year by year. Just imagine how many new scientific foundings and new technology you can find today. Both of them makes reading the latest science and technology news become more interesting.

Application in Real Life

There are hundreds of applications you can find in real life. For example, there is the latest technology known as Artificial Intelligence. This technology is believed to be the greatest technology because it is able to change an ordinary machine into a smart machine. In the specific application, Artificial Intelligence can make a machine acts like a human being. For example, by using an AI a smart house knows what its owner need and the features will prepare it automatically. This is the same case with a gadget with AI. It seems that AI makes your gadget as your best friends. This example will make you get more understanding about what does technology mean.

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