Whats New in Tech Trends

By | 17 March 2019

Innovation in the technology industry just moving so fast. The wireless company also taking a big step toward 5G, while Google makes us feel wow with the Duplex AI, Instead of the Bitcoin’s precipitous fall in value, but the blockchain technology keeps going, even Amazon shows its serious related to the Alexa which taking up the smart home companies and releasing some Alexa products. You should know that 2019 might not move as fast as its innovation, however, it might be a year where the old technology finally seeing the light of the day. You might be always wonder about whats new in technology.

5G technology finally arrive

For the better part of the letter half in this decade, then 5G has been said as the beginning of the super-fast mobile brand connection which may replace the landline and for all, even come to the fix apps as well. It has changed in 2018, now they have specifications along with the actual technologies will meet with this specification. While most of this year will spend on the field testing a and this year will likely bring your with the first 5G technology in your smartphone and Verizon will launch this service around the middle of the year. There are many things have improved in science and technology news.

The same-day delivery for almost anything ‘the idea to get anything that you want which delivered into your door is not something new. Whether it would be Delivery Dudes, GrubHub Postmates and even Uber  Eats were on the best position to make big advantages in the market shared around 2019 as both of them are pretty rich with the cash. It is also very interesting to see if Amazon also taking a step to expand the delivery option on the same day, although the company has been gone so far on any future plan.

Beyond Tesla

When most people will think about the electric car, then Tesla will come on your mind. You should know that there are so many electric car models which make their debut in 2019, especially in the luxury car segment. It might be also possible that at the end of 2019, each big car manufacturer will have some types of electric car in the showrooms or they still in production for the 2020 launch. This is a very impressing accomplishment considering that the recently on the middle of the decade related to the idea of electric mobility just like something that we wait for 2020 to see. This is whats new in technology.

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