Windows 10 Start Menu Customization

By | 30 March 2019
Windows 10 Start Menu Customization

The Start Menu is very important. How could it not? It is the central hub for just about anything in our PC. Although the Start Menu is crucial for every user, it is often lack in presentation. It often looks standard, bland, and boring. Fortunately, the Start Menu on Windows 10 can be customized. Want to know how to do it? Just read on.

Enabling Full-Screen Mode for the Start Menu

The Start Menu is available on full-screen mode as well. If you want to enable full-screen mode, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Select Settings and click it
  3. See the Personalization option? Click it
  4. Select Start
  5. There will be a switch that will enable full-screen mode for the Start Menu. Turn the switch on

Customizing the Size

Is the default size of the Start Menu too small? Or perhaps the size is too big for you? Here’s how to change the size to your liking.

  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Move the cursor upward, to the top edge of the button. If you do it right, the cursor will turn into a double-sided arrow
  3. Next, click again. From here, you can either drag down or up in order to resize your Start Menu
  4. Let it go

Customizing the Color of the Start Menu

Want to change the color of your Start Menu? Here’s how to do so:

  1. Click Start Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Choose Personalization then click Colors
  4. There will be various color options. Click the one that you like

Pinning and Unpinning Application

Pinning an application allows you to access them easily and quickly. Windows 10 allows you to easily pin an application in the Start Menu. To pin an application, just right-click the application. You will see the option to pin the application. Click it.

That’s how to pin. What about how to unpin? Unpinning an application is just as easy as pinning it. To unpin, first click the Start Menu. Find the application that you want to unpin and right-click it. You will see the option to unpin the application. Click it.

Customizing Tiles

The tiles are no doubt very useful feature in Windows 10. Can you customize it? Well, of course. You can move and resize the tiles. You can also turn off live tiles as well. Very convenient, isn’t it? If you do want to do these, follow the steps below.

  • Resizing
  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Find the application that you want to resize the tile. Right-click it
  3. Choose Resize
  4. There will be four sizes available: large, wide, medium, and small. Choose the size that you think is suitable for the application’s tile
  • Moving
  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Choose a tile to move. Click and hold it
  3. Drag and place it on the position you want
  4. Let go
  • How to Turn Off Live Tile
  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Find the live tile that you want to turn off. Right-click it
  3. Select More
  4. Click Turn live tile off to turn off the live tile feature

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